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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hemp fabrics and clothing
ok so its like 7$ to buy this hemp material. but its 1000$ to ship?
 Yo Fujikawa

Monday, February 7, 2011

Boats and Hoes

Very possible that i will be renting out a sail boat, only to sleep on after nights of partying in grand bend. seems like a decent idea

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Endless Surf grandbend

sisters age, went to same highschool
awesome  - might as well promote a good upcomin company

local lambeth

Colin Heggarty 2010 from Jeff Howlett on Vimeo.

thinkin into the future
about web design, into the future its possible i could do business, i figured might as well post it on here so i remember and its pretty much free advertisement for this guys start up business 
I want to be able to create a gadget so that people can leave comments on this blog
iv attempted but no success. if u wanna comment or letme know how to solve my problem

RSS and stuff

The three ways to add an RSS feed (I believe this to be the different ways to subscribe to a network) 1. copy and paste the sites address (example: ) into you GoogleReader where it says add an subscription. 2. Where you type in addresses for web sites there is an icon you can press to subscribe to it, depending what internet your using the icon will be different, mine looks like the picture at the top of the page, the blue button beside the star . 3. On the site your looking at they should have a noticeable Subscribe button somewhere.

I wouldn't consider a RSS reader to be better/worse then going to sites individually. It all depends the individuals preference. RSS allows you to get the latest news from multiple sites you've subscribed to all in one location, which in result is a much faster process then having to go to each site.
An RSS reader would be very useful if your interested in the local or global news and read about it regularly. You could have multiple news companies all in one location and save a lot of time by just going to one site to figure out what ever is new in the news. For myself however this is not a very useful technology. If im on the computer im either doing school work, socializing , music, or teaching myself about something. I attempted using Google Reader for different sites that i download music off of, but i found that opening multiple tabs instead was much faster and more efficient way for what i do.
Why GoogleReader or another web based aggregator would be better then a desktop software: ITS FREE, and you can access your information from any computer with internet, where as a desktop software would be just on your computer


What i learned from twitter is that its just a site to promote individuals and different advertisement. My opinion of twitter is that its a waste of time for myself, there is no actual valuable information besides maybe hearing of different events going on. Unless you have some obsession with a celebrity and want to know the most updated information on whats going on with them (thats if they actually post on twitter regularly) then twitter is perfect for you. The only way i can picture Twitter being useful to me is my blog site link is on my account, so who ever creeps my twitter account is likely to also check out my blog, which could end up being useful later on when creating a business.

Twitter and Blogger are very similar, you can pretty much do the same things (post you thoughts, share links, following people, news updates, search), blogger does have more options however for customizing your profile. The main difference I see between the two is that twitter is more attached to a public environment. The more people you follow and the more your involved with twitter allows a larger amount of people across the world to read what you posted. Blogger is obviously involved with the public, but if your not well known or never advertise your blog then its not likely many people will see what you have done. Unlike twitter where u might get random people from around the world to see what you've done